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The reason behind BijnierNET / AdrenalNET:

The care for patients with rare adrenal gland disorders has always been specialised, complex, expensive and labour-intensive. No-one has ever really come to grips with understanding the organisation, the process and the outcomes of such care. At the same time, it is both desirable and possible to improve the quality of the care.

With a view to improving the care provided for this exceptional group of patients, the participants in the BijnierNET have been studying the possibilities that a national electronic community could offer these patients.

Background information

Through the newly created network – which has been given the name BijnierNET (in English: AdrenalNET) – patients, healthcare practitioners and informal carers have the opportunity to meet up (in the virtual sense) and share their experience, knowledge and ideas about the care for patients with adrenal gland disorders. Even when healthcare budgets are on the decline, the network will enable those involved to maintain their knowledge and practices and perhaps even to improve them. If everyone involved in the care of patients with adrenal gland disorders shares and disseminates the available knowledge and ideas, we can ensure that the best possible care is available for all these patients.

Moreover, the aggregation of all the available knowledge could even lead to a reduction of costs.

More information on Adrenal disorders in English and other foreign languages: www.adrenals.eu.

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